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the main target of the hauser brothers in designing golfcourse is to create golfcourses according to the landscape.
our philosophy is based on a complete understanding of the envirment and the spirit of the game.

charateristics of hauser - course are:

--- golf in harmony with nature.
--- the golfholes follow the best suitable routing through natural terrain.
--- best fitting to the natural landscape.

   the golf courses blend into the local envirment and we try to avoid incongruous features which are incompatible
   with the background structure and pattern of landscape.

--- using indigenous species.

 in the selection of turfgrasses as well as trees,shrubs and flowers it is important to use species which are as             complementary as possible to the existing vegetation. we try to choose species that would naturally occur in particular    locality, for example special local kind of turfgrasses,in oder to avoid diseases and to reduce maintenance costs.

--- maintenance friendly - as a matter of fact 59% of success is further  maintenance.

   course should be easy to maintain to have lower maintanennance costs on the one hand to make greenkeeping easier on the
   other hand.

--- combining rythm and strategy of the game in the design.

one of our special development is the design of golfcourses  in sensitive areas. for example the golf course wienerberg
in the city of vienna was designed by g.& g. hauser on the top of a garbage area and included the sanation of this sensitive
ground. in the meatime the golfclub is very successfull and  it is a very interesting golfcourse next to the downtown of   vienna.